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Swimming pool cleaning tools in the bott

Captain Cook Pool Services takes pride in caring for your pool & spa.  Certified with the National Swimming Pool Foundation and ready to take on the task of maintaining your pool so you can enjoy doing the things you love, like swimming!  Rates are determined by the size and conditions of your pool &    spa.  Contact us today and we will come out and evaluate your unique        situation to provide a free quote and bring you in as part of our ohana! 


Regular Services

  • Chemical Balancing

  • Skim Surface of Debris

  • Brush Walls

  • Brush Tile Line

  • Vacuum (when necessary)

  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Basket

  • Backwash Filter

  • Check Equipment

Additional Services

  • Algae Removal

  • Salt Cell Cleaning/Repair

  • Cartridge Filter Cleaning

  • Replacing Sand in Filter

  • Acid Wash

  • Chlorine Wash

  • Pump Install/Repair

  • Drain/Fill

  • Plaster Start Ups

  • Installation

  • Automation

Swimming Pool test kit for testing chemi
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